Using conductive nanodiamond as electrode material in a water-based cell significantly increases its energy storage capacity

Diamonds in your devices: powering the next generation of energy storage

'Buildings' in human bone may hold key to stronger 3D-printed lightweight structures

Bone-inspired architectured materials

The first sub-femtosecond study of the linear photon momentum transfer during an ionisation process provides unprecedented insight into the

A momentous view on the birth of photoelectrons

New technology lays groundwork for biosensors that improve disease diagnosis and monitoring

Chip-based optical sensor detects cancer biomarker in urine

A new material that stiffens 1,800-fold when exposed to heat could protect motorcyclists and racecar drivers during accidents.

Bio-inspired hydrogel can rapidly switch to rigid plastic

VTT developed an optical fibre made of cellulose, best suited for sensors that benefit from the biodegradability of the material

Optical fiber made of cellulose

Berkeley Lab scientists adapt microscopy technique to build and image peptoid nanosheets with unprecedented atomic precision

Freeze frame: Scientists capture atomic-scale snapshots of artificial proteins

Researchers trained material the same way as Pavlov trained dogs

Scientists have trained this piece of plastic to 'walk'

Researchers develop a mass-producible, centimeter-scale metalens for VR, imaging

Metalens grows up

Physicists from Kiel and Copenhagen elucidate the behaviour of electrons in graphene nanoribbons

Electron correlations in carbon nanostructures

What if we could use antibodies as functional tools for nanotechnology applications? A group of researchers at the University of Rome Tor Vergata started fro...

Hiring antibodies as nanotechnology builders

A team of researchers at The University of Texas at Austin and the University of California, Riverside have found a way to produce a long-hypothesized phenom...

Researchers discover new way to split and sum photons with silicon

Strategy to bypass trade-off between thermoelectric voltage and conductivity

Solving the thermoelectric 'trade-off' conundrum with metallic carbon nanotubes

Strong bonds between metal nanowires and polymer nanofibers enable a composite film to realize good electrical conductivity & stretchability

Stretchable, highly conductive film promising for wearable electronics

Measurements on a superconducting material show an abrupt transition between a normal metal and a 'strange' metal. The really strange thing, however, is that...

Superconductivity theory under attack

Modern computer memory encodes information by switching magnetic bits within devices. Now, a ground-breaking study conducted by researchers from NUS Electric...

Researchers find potential solution to overheating mobile phones

Scientists at the University of Maryland (UMD) have developed a novel elastocaloric cooling material, comprised of a nickel (Ni)-titanium (Ti) alloy and scul...

Additive manufacturing and NI/TI metal bolster cooling technology

Researchers get first look at exactly what happens during chemical reaction with ultracold chemistry

The coldest reaction



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