The Nanotechnology World Association is the largest global network of individuals and organizations leading the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of nanotechnology worldwide.

Our Corporate Membership is for someone who wishes to represent and promote his company, while our Individual Membership is designed for someone who wishes to represent himself and access exclusive content.

Corporate members of NWA can add their company profile to the directory, get a video interview, add products to the catalog, events to the listing, jobs to the career center, videos to the learning center, pitch video to the investors corner, access our NWA Business services – and use the NWA Member badge.

Individual membership to NWA is free, and gives access to the member area where you can create a personal profile, manage your account, your settings and your notifications, receive discounts on products, services and events and access the learning center.

Corporate Membership Benefits

Add Content to this Website

  • Create your Company Profile

  • Video Interview

  • Add your Products

  • Add your Events

  • Add your Job Listings

  • Add Training Videos to the Learning Center

  • Add a Pitch video to the Investors Corner

Marketing Outreach

  • Speaker Opportunities in upcoming Events

  • Interview Video posted to NWA Network

  • Mention in a Monthly Newsletter

  • Press Release distributed to the NWA Network

  • Company Logo Featured on the Website

Additional Benefits

  • Unlimited Access to NWA's Website

  • Corporate Member Dashboard

  • Opportunities to respond to relevant RFPs

  • Permitted use of NWA Member Badge

  • Rebates on Products, Services, Events

  • Access to NWA Business Services

Business Services

  • Turnkey Local Event Package

  • Turnkey Webinar Solution Package

  • Additional Marketing Outreach

  • Sponsorship Packages

  • Market Research & Industry Reports

  • Custom Solutions

Individual Membership Benefits

Unlimited Access to 

  • News Posts and Videos

  • Events Listing

  • Career Center

  • Company Directory

  • Products Catalog

  • Attend NWA Events

  • Monthly Newsletter subscription

  • Learning Center