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Atomistic simulation, advanced materials modeling, spin qubits design

Nanoacademic Technologies Inc.


We develop and offer first principles modeling software based on DFT (Density Function Theory) such as RESCU or NanoDCAL to predict the electronic, structural and electronic transport properties of condensed state materials. We have also developed an innovative quantum modeling tool (QTCAD) aimed at designing spin-qubit devices for quantum computers: it is currently under beta-testing and we are actively looking for beta-testers to support the final development stage before commercialization by beginning of 2022.

Our simulation tools within the field of nanoelectronics are being used by researchers and R&D industrial companies to reduce their development costs and the critical time to market for their new materials, compounds or products.

Our market and customer base is international, in Universities, public R&D laboratories and private Industries with advanced R&D activities in material sciences, chemistry and/or nanotechnologies.

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