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QTCAD (Quantum-Technology Computer-Aided Design) is a finite-element method (FEM) simulator used to predict the performance of spin-qubit devices before their production. These predictions can result in huge savings in terms of time and money, which allows the exploration of more design scenarios than traditionally possible. QTCAD uses non-linear Poisson, Schrödinger, and many-body solvers to calculate the envelope functions and energy levels of electrons or holes confined to nanostructures within the k∙pformalism.


Key features:

- An interface with our large scale DFT software RESCU (k∙p theory)

- An electrostatics tool for quantum dot confinement potentials in semiconductors

- A valley-splitting calculation tool.

- A many-body Schrödinger solver for electrons and holes

- A master equation solver for quantum transport calculations

- Quantum-mechanical treatment of magnetism (orbital and Zeeman effects)

- Linear spin-orbit coupling from arbitrary user-defined Hamiltonians

- An electric-dipole spin resonance module that interfaces with QuTiP

- Works at cryogenic (sub-K) temperature thanks to our adaptive meshing technique

- Arbitrary 1D/2D/3D device geometries enabling to study many practical designs


Contact us to test and try QTCAD. Get your free-trial version now!

Single user & group licenses available.

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