NBA's Kevin Love, To Promote Mental Health, Invests in Air Purifier Molekule

Sep 17, 2021

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has invested in Molekule, an inventor of air purifier devices. The company has raised more than $100 million in total.


Molekule’s devices use nanotechnology to attack pollutants at their molecular level. The FDA has classified Molekule’s air filters as Class II medical devices for their ability to kill airborne bacteria and viruses. Love, who has spoken openly about his struggles with anxiety and depression in the past, said in a statement that studies linking air pollution to mental illness helped attract him to Molekule.


“Research has illuminated the ways in which poor air quality may have a negative impact on our mental health, and Molekule has proven itself as a leader in the air purification industry. I’m confident in their work and look forward to being part of their journey as they continue to grow and better understand the air we breathe,” Love said in a statement.