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Nanotronics releases Version 24 nSpec™ software upgrade

Nanotronics, the factory control company bringing AI-powered inspection tools to manufacturing, announces the release of its latest nSpec™ software update, V The most recent upgrade provides users with both hardware and software capabilities critical to precision inspection of wafers, devices, and various samples.

By integrating a new device yield analysis function into the nSpec™ software, Nanotronics enables manufacturers to easily calculate device yield as nSpec™ performs in-depth analysis for them. Yield results are then categorized according to device, allowing operators to view yield data from previous analyses. This upgrade allows customers to develop a more thorough understanding of where device-killing defects are occurring according to their specified criteria. In implementing the device yield analysis, Nanotronics enables customers to maximize their investments in the nSpec™ platform, using intelligent machinery to scrap faulty wafers, and ultimately increase ratio of working devices to amount spent on production.

“Version 24 adds a brand-new device yield analysis capability, which improves automation with a simplified pass or fail output for sample devices, removing the need for further operator inspection for sample quality,” says Chris Mallinson, Director of Software Engineering.

Nanotronics has also made considerable hardware upgrades to the nSpec™ TURBO and nSpec™ CPS systems, which now include optional wafer handling solutions. These capabilities accommodate front and back side inspection of wafers, allowing for a more hands-free approach to performing full inspections. Manufacturers are now able to automatically flip wafers, scan, and characterize features of interest on both sides of the sample.

“The sample flipping capability expands automation to both sides of the sample, which cuts down on required operator intervention, possible human error, and condenses down the amount of necessary tool recipes,” adds Chris. “Combined with the device yield analysis, the two are sure to improve inspection throughput times so manufacturers can keep process lines moving as fast as possible without the worry of defective products.”

To learn more about how the nSpec™ suite can optimize your processes, reach out to for a live demonstration.

About Nanotronics

Nanotronics is an Industrial AI company that deploys advanced optical solutions to optimize manufacturing procedures, effectively refining, and expediting assembly for any industry relying on a precision process for production. Nanotronics uses hardware and software solutions to clean, sort, and manage existing data as well as data collected in real time across sensors placed strategically within customers’ plants. This data is stored on local servers to ensure maximum security.

Nanotronics’ sophisticated AI system correlates data points into actionable insights for manufacturers to correct flaws in the production process while also predicting future errors. This results in an autonomous factory that operates on autopilot to drive up yields, decrease waste, and encourage implementation of equitable solutions.

Nanotronics helps customers bring lab experimentation and R&D innovation to devise scalable business solutions and advance our industrial future.


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