NWA Commits to The Nanotechnology Show as Founding Partner and Exhibitor

NWA commits to the nanotechnology show as a founding partner and an exhibitor

The Nanotechnology Show will be held from October 14-15, 2020 in Edison, New Jersey. It is the first exhibition and conference focused on the development and integration of nanotechnology within a range of applications including chemicals, life sciences, pharmaceutical, energy, electronics, automotive and aerospace.  The exhibition will provide a comprehensive showcase of the entire supply chain from instrumentation and processing equipment right through to material manufacturers and product developers.

NWA will host a session on nanomanufacturing, a startup competition and a ceremony awards

About the Nanotechnology World Association

The Nanotechnology World Association (NWA) was created to help accelerate the adoption of nanotechnology in various industries, such as medical, energy, electronics, transportation and materials, by providing relevant information, resources and tools, by connecting researchers and organizations, and by fostering knowledge sharing and cooperation.

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Contact: Marine Le Bouar, CEO

Nanotechnology World Association +65 3138 4138

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