Mitate Zepto Technica proved the world's fastest genetic analysis speed in a simulation of the “RASEN” processor's performance.

May 04, 2021

Mitate Zepto Technica inc. (CEO: Keisuke Harashima) has conducted performance simulations for the “RASEN” processor, which will be installed in a hardware accelerator, Relevant Patent Pending, dedicated to genome analysis under development, and obtained the world's fastest processing results for whole human genome data analysis.


The data processing speed of the original custom processor has been verified, proving that the newly developed accelerator can perform high-speed data processing using a general-purpose server without the need for a supercomputer or other large computer.

Analysis time for Whole Human Genome (32 coverage ≒ Approx. 100Gbp)

・Matching and Alignment Proces:Approx. 200 sec.

・Variant call and peripheral Process:Approx. 120 sec.

Total:Approx. 320 sec.


*Simulation System Configuration:

・Genome Accelerator Board x 5 (16 "RASEN" processors per board )

・Host Computer : AMD EPYC 7702 Dual CPU, 256GB Memory, 4TB NVMe SSD-RAID, Redhat Enterprise Linux 8.


The RASEN processor under development will be based on the TSMC 28nm HPC+ process and will operate all parallel cores in the chip at 500MHz. Based on the results of this simulation, we will further improve the logic and physical design to increase the operating frequency and complete the processing in a shorter time.


“With the simulation results of the world's fastest ASIC dedicated to genome analysis, we have confirmed that the development of a hardware accelerator dedicated to genome analysis is well underway. We will continue to work towards the early realization of the accelerator,” said Keisuke Harashima, founder and CEO at Mitate Zepto Technica.


What is genome analysis?


Genome analysis is the comprehensive analysis of the genetic information of an organism's genome. By determining the base sequences (GATC sequences) of the DNA molecules that make up the genome and comparing the base sequences between species of the same or different organisms, it is possible to elucidate how differences in DNA sequences cause differences.


What is genomic diagnostic?


By testing an individual's genes, it is possible to diagnose the individual's disease, the risk of developing it, and the effectiveness of medication, and to quickly select the best prevention and treatment based on the data. It is also called genetic testing or DNA testing.


About Mitate Zepto Technica -


Mitate Zepto Technica is a venture company that aims to realize revolutionary speed-up of genome analysis by utilizing the most advanced semiconductor technology, and to create products that contribute to solving common human problems such as medical, food and energy issues through effective utilization of genome analysis.



Kazuhiro Hashimoto, Mitate Zepto Technica