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Instruments, Ion Beam Processing


NTG Neue Technologien

Ion Beam Figuring plant IBF-100The Ion Beam Figuring Plant - IBF 100 - is a procedural plant for nanometer exact correction of small surfaces. It is the latest development of NTG. The IBF-100 is a consistent advancement of our bigger plants IBF-300, IBF-450 and IBF-700. The last mentioned plants are sold with great success for nearly 20 years. They are used in the high-end-processing of predominantly large shaped optical parts (PV-value Parts with a diameter of 5-70mm, a max. part thickness of 45mm and a max. angle of 60� can be treated. The components can be onvex, plane or concave. In principle there are nearly any restrictions for the treatment of geometries within the afore mentioned dimensions.This process is realized by a four-axes motion system with one rotary and three linear axes, operating in a vacuum chamber. In the standard procedure the pathway of the Ion Beam spot on the surfaces follows a spherical bowed meander along the lines of latitude. The path velocity on the work surface results from a dwell time distribution proprtional to the desired material removal depth distribution. It is also possible to treat only partial ranges of the surface.NTG uses an inhouse developed control technique for this plant. Control is done via touch screen. The process flow is nearly completely automated. This means for the user: insert work piece, load the program, start the process. All the operating cycles of the plant are documented in a log-file. If requested NTG is able to read the log-file via internet and thus can carry out a remote diagnosis of the plant.Technical Datas:Plant, completeDimensions:length: 1560mmwidth: 1300mmheight: 2170mm, incl. superstructural partsrequired spaceArea: diameter 4m or 3x3mweight: 1.100kgData of the workpiece:max. diameter: 70mmmax. thickness: 45mm incl. support, respectively holderIBF-100 - View Load lock chamberIBF-100 - View revision doorsIBF-100 - Top viewIBF-100 - Laser World of Photonics 2009IBF-100 - Laser World of Photonics 2009
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