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Cavitation Technologies, Inc. receives purchase orders for low-pressure nano reactor (LPN)

Cavitation Technologies, Inc. ("CTi"), (OTCQB: CVAT) announced that it has received several purchase orders for low-pressure Nano Reactor® (LPN) with an aggregate value of approximately $200,000, and it is anticipated that CTi will receive an increased volume of purchase orders in its Fiscal 2024 compared to Fiscal 2023.

The vegetable oil refining industry plays a crucial role in converting raw vegetable oils into edible oils that are safe for consumption and have desirable characteristics. According to the U.S. vegetable oil market report, the market was valued at $98.5 billion in 2019, and is projected to reach $130 billion by 2027.

The industry is increasingly focused on sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint. It matches with CTi's ESG compliant, disruptive technologies, that provide yield improvement, chemical input reduction among other substantial proven benefits to legacy food oil refining systems.

Neil Voloshin, CEO of Cavitation Technologies, Inc., commented: “We are delighted to continue our 12-year partnership with Desmet Ballestra Group; NA, as we forge ahead in bringing CTi's cutting-edge nanotechnology to the forefront of global sustainability efforts. Together, we are shaping a brighter future for communities around the world.”

Technology Overview:

The LPN multistage Nano Reactor® is designed to achieve an improved performance over conventional technologies and covers a wide range of applications in processing large volumes of fluids. In vegetable oil refining, the LPN technology offers an enhanced performance, lowered operating expenses, reduced environmental impact, exceptional oil quality, improved shelf life, and reduction of up to 90% of the harsh chemicals used in conventional edible vegetable oil refining processes.

In addition to chemical refining of vegetable oils, CVAT's technology is applicable to food and beverages, water, pharmaceutical and medical cannabis, coatings and fuels.


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