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Nanotechnology World Association is Launched by a solid group of Founding Members

This new global nanotechnology association will bolster the necessary links between research and industries and facilitate the adoption and commercialization of nanotechnology in several vertical markets.

Singapore and New York, October 23rd, 2019 – The Nanotechnology World Association (NWA) has been officially launched today to execute on its mission to globally facilitate and promote adoption of nanotechnology solutions across industries by connecting entrepreneurs with researchers, start-ups with investors, suppliers with customers, employers with talents, key players with one another. The NWA is an independent, and mainly industry-oriented, advocacy group inclusive of businesses, academia, business-supporting associates, as well as affiliate government agencies and other associations.

The NWA seeks to expand and strengthen connections between stakeholders in the nanotechnology sector as these relationships are the key to fulfill the potentials of these various technologies. This will be achieved by engaging more industry members, facilitating industry-oriented programs, with an emphasis on supporting nanomanufacturing R&D projects with other educational research bodies. The NWA efforts will include the private or public spheres and active support and vigorous participation from both governments and companies is expected.

The NWA aims to expand quickly. "We are in the process of creating chapters, to address the local needs of our members," said Marine Le Bouar, CEO of the NWA. "Other plans for the Association include the funding of our own Institute, and the organization of the first global nanotechnology start-up competition,” she added.

So far, members from North America, Europe and Asia have joined the NWA. These companies include Park Systems (South Korea), Horiba (France), Abionic (Switzerland), Advanced Nanotechnologies (Spain), APR Technologies (Sweden), Metashield (USA), nFluids (Canada), StoreDot (Israel) and Nanogrande (Canada), among others.

“We are honored to be a founding member of Nanotechnology World Association to help promote shared knowledge amongst the growing and diverse Nano Science community. As a global leader in Atomic Force Microscopes, Park Systems is a strong advocate for collaboration to achieve nanoscale advances for the betterment of our world. “ Keibock Lee, President at Park Systems (South Korea).

"Nanotech is the next frontier of material science engineering. Organizations like NWA are essential in unlocking the fundamental and transformative promise of advanced materials." Martin Ben-Dayan, CEO, Founder at Metashield LLC (USA).

"This is a much-needed initiative. As pioneers in developing nano-size materials for energy storage, we face global supply chain challenges starting from the scale up process for nano metalloids such as pure nano Silicon." Doron Myersdorf, CEO at StoreDot (Israel).

“Given the importance of nanotechnologies in the global business sphere and the huge efforts put into Research & Development, the creation of this association was long overdue.” Florian Formanek, Head of Applications, Horiba (France).

"We are happy to join forces with the Nanotechnology World Association in working on the key issues that must be addressed to successfully commercialize this vital technology." Peter Nilsson, CEO at APR Technologies (Sweden).

“In our opinion, the bridge between nanotechnology and business has yet to be built. This Association is a must-needed first step to building this bridge.” Manuel Antonio Onteniente, CEO at Advanced Nanotechnologies (Spain).

“Nanofluidics is going to disrupt the biomedical diagnostics field, by providing ultra-fast, lab-grade results from a single drop of capillary blood. The Nanotechnology World Association will aid in coordinating the key players to make this a reality soon.” Dr. Nicolas Durand, PhD, Chief Executive Officer at Abionic SA (Switzerland).

About the Nanotechnology World Association

The Nanotechnology World Association (NWA) was created to help accelerate the adoption of nanotechnology in various industries, such as medical, energy, electronics, transportation and materials, by providing relevant information, resources and tools, by connecting researchers and organizations, and by fostering knowledge sharing and cooperation.

For more information about the NWA, please visit


Marine Le Bouar

+65 3138 4138


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