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MANTA Instruments Launches the ViewSizer 3000, a Scientific Instrument Offering Breakthrough Nanopar

SAN DIEGO - MANTA Instruments Inc. (MANTA) announces the launch of ViewSizer 3000, a powerful new scientific instrument with state of the art defining capabilities in the areas of particle visualization, as well as particle size and concentration measurements. These combined capabilities enable unmatched, and in some cases first-of-a-kind, visualization and quantification of particle kinetic processes such as aggregation, self assembly and dissolution.

The ViewSizer 3000 has already proven to be beneficial for researchers who are working on nano-enabled products such as pharmaceuticals and drug delivery materials in biotech and pharma applications. Multiple experiments have confirmed the ViewSizer 3000 provides unique and valuable insights into nanoparticle and micron sized particle characteristics such as size, concentration particle size distribution and changes in particles over time for materials including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), proteins, exosomes, vesicles, live viruses, metals, micelles and other polymer materials used as API carriers.

MANTA’s novel technology is a proprietary, multi-spectral, next generation version of traditional Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis whereby nanoparticles in liquid samples are characterized by tracking and analyzing their Brownian motion. It can also analyze larger, micron-sized, particles by tracking their settling motion (driven by gravity). The ViewSizer 3000 leverages innovative illumination and detection techniques that enable video recording of scattered light from wide-ranging sizes of individual particles simultaneously. With other light scattering methods the large dynamic range of scattered light intensity relative to particle size overwhelms their detection systems and results in artifacts and/or inconsistencies in particle measurements. With its Advanced Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis, MANTA is the first light scattering instrument supplier to resolve problems related to the very large dynamic range of scattered light intensity produced by differently-sized particles co-existing in a polydisperse sample.

“MANTA’s introduction of the ViewSizer 3000 is an important advancement for the particle characterization market,” says Rick Cooper, CEO MANTA Instruments. “This product launch is the culmination of many person-years of work including: a) the four years of R&D efforts conducted by UCSD scientists with decades of experience researching nanoparticles, b) a hugely successful year-long beta program with twelve partners from three separate industries and most recently c) our rigorous product development phase that has produced a very robust and highly effective product. Much of the pleasure from introducing this product stems from the tremendous positive feedback we receive from customers and partners who say things like, ’Wow, I can see all my particles,’ and ’I can’t do my research without MANTA.’”

“In our tests leading up the purchase of our ViewSizer 3000, we confirmed this easy to use bench top instrument meets all our needs for visualizing, sizing and counting nanoparticles such as live viruses, exosomes, silver, RNA, and ytterbium garnet,” says Dr. Sadik Eisner, Director at OHSU’s Center for Early Cancer Detection Research. “The ViewSizer 3000 is the first product we’ve found that can effectively characterize particles in polydisperse samples and its unmatched visualization of all particles, even in complex samples, removes elements of mystery associated with other methods.”

“In my 30 plus years of experience in the management of scientific instrument companies, it has been rare to find examples of technologies with comparable completive advantages to those of the ViewSizer 3000,” says John Lilig, Executive Chairman of Agena Bioscience and Director MANTA Instruments. “With the ViewSizer 3000 and the world-class team behind this product, MANTA is well positioned to disrupt the particle characterization market. It’s great to be involved MANTA’s launch of the ViewSizer 3000. These are exciting times - we’re still learning regularly about new capabilities of and opportunities for this highly innovative product.”

About MANTA: MANTA Instruments Inc. is producing scientific instruments that visualize, measure and count nanoparticles more effectively than currently available products. With nanoparticle measurements enabled by MANTA, companies have much better control over the research, development and manufacturing of nanoparticles used in their products. And with better control of these critical components, MANTA’s customers are able to make higher performance nano-enabled products faster and more effectively.


MANTA Instruments Inc. Rick Cooper CEO MANTA Instruments 858-449-5801

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