Hello Tomorrow and the Nanotechnology World Association are announcing Partnership facilitating acce

Paris and Toronto, May 17th 2017 - Hello Tomorrow is an international, non-profit initiative devoted to promoting early-stage scientific startups that are solving the world’s major industrial & societal challenges, and connecting them with the right enablers – be it entrepreneurs, executives and investors – to bring breakthrough technology to market.

The Nanotechnology World Association represents a vast international network of researchers, scientists and investors in nanotechnology. In addition to providing information, resources and tools to foster knowledge sharing and cooperation, the nWA also shares Hello Tomorrow’s mission of enabling the go-to-market of emerging technologies.

It is therefore via this natural synergy that both organizations have decided to empower each other through their respective networks. It will provide additional investment opportunities to the nWA members, while providing more support to Hello Tomorrow’s nanotechnology community.

We are very happy to partner with Nanotechnology World Association. Like us, they strive for excellence and are committed to fostering the deep technology that will revolutionise the world around us”, commented Arnaud de la Tour, VP of Hello Tomorrow.

The Hello Tomorrow Challenge is a great platform to allow young businesses to showcase what they can do, and I am enthusiastic about working with them. I’m happy to allow our network to benefit from their platform, and am confident that this partnership will be fruitful in helping bringing some great nanotech innovations to market», said Marine Le Bouar, CEO of the nWA.


Nanotechnology World Association

Marine Le Bouar, CEO,

Hello Tomorrow

Anne Reid, Head of Content





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